MSK Research Fellow

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Name: Emerald Storey

Academic titles: MBBCh

Research profile:                

I am a co-author of a economical paper looking at the Offloader knee brace vs. TKR which has be published in the BMJ Open Sports and Exercise Medicine Journal. I have also written and presented a paper looking at the clinical benefits of using the offloader knee brace. I have presented this at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2016, Orlando, All Wales RCSEd conference, sent posters to ESSKA and given an oral presentation at RCSEd.


Key research interest:

Conservative management of OA. 

Completed projects with Welshbone:

Started as new Vice President of Cardiff University Student Orthopaedic Society (SOS).

Medtaste marketing

BMJ Open Sports and Exercise Medicine Journal - ‘unloading knee brace is a cost effective method to bridge and delay surgery in knee arthritis

Consent Plus inc focus group, FAQ page for consent plus, created consent plus twitter.

Ongoing projects with WelshBone:

Publishing further clinical data for the offloading knee brace.

Other Welshbone Experience:

2016  Ossur / Welshbone traveling fellowship

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