Samuel Rozewicz


Name: Sam Rozewicz   


Research profile:

I am entering my fourth year of medical school at Cardiff having just completed an intercalated BSc in Clinical Epidemiology. I am on the committee of Student Orthopaedic Society. I have been on the faculty of both of Medtaste and run a teaching session on cardiac examination at the English-language edition of the course.

Research Interests:

I have an interest in a career in orthopaedics or paediatrics. My BSc focused on Public Health and my research project was on the Quality of Life in patients with diabetic foot ulcers.

Completed projects with Welshbone:

I have previously offered support to a project on MPFL reconstruction currently ongoing in Welshbone.

Ongoing projects with WelshBone:

I am currently working on a paper on Non-surgical and non-pharmacological treatments for hip pain.

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